Covid19 - Agile and Innovative Contact Center Solutions


As we deal with the global crisis of COVID-19, our priority is the safety of our employees and communities while we also work to ensure business continuity for our clients. The dynamic nature of this pandemic requires us to be nimble, flexible, sensitive and measured in how we respond and protect all our stakeholders.

Hygiene and Safety

Knoah has taken multiple measures to ensure a safe environment on all our campuses: 

  • additional housekeeping staff has been hired,
  • extra handwashing and sanitizing stations have been installed,
  • people are being screened for symptoms at entry points, and
  • regular communication with employees about what they can do to prevent infection from occurring in the first place.
Business Continuity
  • We are in regular contact with our clients about business continuity efforts to minimize any disruption to operations.
  • Load balancing has begun at some locations where we have divided teams on individual campaigns into separate areas on separate floors.
  • We have also established several ‘clean zones’ that are sterilized and equipped.
  • Work-from-home options are being rolled out with some clients and under active discussion with others.
Campus Updates
  • Our offshore and onshore campuses in India and the US are, at this point, operating on a business-as-usual footing.
  • The governments of Honduras and Guatemala have ordered the shutdown of all offices for the time being, so our operations and IT infrastructure teams are working round-the-clock to equip as many agents as possible for work-at-home capability.

Our response and preparation continue to adapt to the developing situation, with the core being the safety of our employees, community, and customers.