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  • The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics projected 23 percent growth in market analysis positions through 2026.

  • Top trends in market intelligence include master data management, visualization and self-service.

  • In a survey of business intelligence users, 64 percent said they experienced faster reporting, analysis or planning, and 56 percent said these processes were more accurate

  • Facilitated scaling up growing client, expanding database of 80,000 contacts to over a billion.

  • Stepped up verification cycle from every four or five months to every two months.

  • Provided offshore service and improved back-office processes.

  • Back-Office Service
  • Performance Improvement
  • Technical Support
  • Customer Care
  • Online Engagement
  • Billing and Retention
  • Customer Loyalty Management
  • Collect actionable intelligence
  • Generate sales leads
  • Offer multichannel technical support and customer care
  • Take advantage of offshore locations
  • Reduce costs
  • Prevent leakages with efficient operations


Today’s businesses are built on robust data

Exceed your consumers’ expectations with better customer care solutions on every step of their journey

The rise of big data storage and analytics has transformed the way many organizations manage day-to-day operations and strategize for the future. Increasingly, companies rely on detailed intelligence to set objectives and measure performance. Equipped with reliable information, businesses gain perspective on customer behavior, internal processes, the competitive landscape and the potential for growth.

Market intelligence can address a wide range of crucial issues that make a difference in the long-term success of a company. For instance, a market expansion study might explore how much demand there is for a particular product, what are the most efficient means of getting those goods to market and what competition already exists. Competitor intelligence studies, on the other hand, are deep dives into how other organizations function, looking at factors like sales figures, production data, pricing and press reports.

Organizations are always looking for fresh sources of actionable insights that will enable sustained growth and efficient processes. One approach that’s gaining in popularity is social media monitoring. By keeping tabs on the conversations going on around a brand, decision-makers gain a deep understanding of how consumers really feel, including the patterns of experiences that drive people either to recommend a business to friends or warn them off.

  • Market intelligence reveals important trends and fuel strategic planning.
  • Common forms of intelligence include market reports, competitive analysis and examinations of internal databases.
  • Many companies use online tools to gather and track key insights.
Business process outsourcing gives organizations the agility they need

Market intelligence consultancies stake their success on being highly resourceful. However, they can still use some help themselves. Knoah brings market intelligence professionals the business process support they need to develop deeper insights and more effectively serve their clients.

In a marketplace where everyone is focused on data, it takes numerous contacts and agile operations for a firm to make its presence felt. Knoah enables those steps forward by offering the personnel and tools to populate databases with quality leads and keep them current. By taking advantage of Knoah’s broad range of back-office service offerings, business intelligence experts can greatly multiply the information they have available and verify its accuracy on a more frequent basis.

Working from onshore, nearshore and offshore facilities, Knoah provides the experienced personnel and technology that organizations need to scale up their operations. Versatile business process outsourcing specialists have the capacity to handle a range of special projects as the need arises, taking on tasks like finding sales leads who fit specific criteria for customers. In a world where companies are constantly interested in identifying and analyzing more relevant data, Knoah puts market intelligence organizations in touch with the information that makes a difference.



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