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TECHNOLOGY (Performance Management, Reporting & Analytics)

Our investments in our own technology innovations,third-party tools, state-of-the-art infrastructure, and security certifications have taken us a long way in enhancing our customers’ experience. We have always been early adopters of technology with flexibility and transparency at the core of our technology approach.

Early on, we built our own workforce optimization and quality management software that helped us in delivering extra value to clients by providing complete access to our service delivery chain. The software has also provided strategic analysis, based on our insights into their customers’ feedback that has helped our clients improve their products and services. Our newest proprietary software, KnoahsARK 360, is an award-winning product, and our chat analytics tool, coupled with artificial intelligence (AI) enabled ChatHelper, is delivering great value in achieving exceptional results.


KnoahsARK 360 is a cloud-based contact center performance management application powered by Operations scorecards, program dashboards, QA module, coaching and provides reporting, analytics and insights for all stakeholders – agent, team leads, managers, business heads, clients.

AI-enabled CX tool – Chat Helper

ChatHelper works seamlessly to provide real-time answers, and to train AI to continually expand the capacity to keep agents ahead of the customer expectation curve.

Chat Analytics

Chat Analytics Platform facilitates in gaining insights into customer behavior, customer satisfaction, and agent behavior and agent performance.


Laivly is a division of 24-7 Intouch that specializes in emerging technology. Our team of data scientists, developers, and researchers are dedicated to creating industry-leading technology solutions for the world’s biggest brands.


SIDD is Laivly’s artificial intelligence assistant that lives on team members’ desktop.

Super Punch

Superpunch is a powerful communications tool that provides visibility and empowerment to our teams by streamlining processes.



Knoah’s proprietary software that has been developed based on more than a decade of our experience of managing people, processes, and technology for our global, Fortune 500 clients.

KnoahsARK 360 centralizes the contact center’s data so that information is readily available without having to rely on human intervention to provide a report.

KnoahsARK 360 suite is an enterprise-grade integrated reporting software powered by data/speech/text analytics and provides on-demand insights for right decision making. It covers the entire lifecycle of data – from data aggregation to data reporting, analysing, and decision-making.

Being a cloud-based and mobile-compatible solution, our clients no longer have to request a report and wait to have it created. Knoah clients also have a role and access into KnoahsARK 360 that enables them to have visibility into our operations and to provide direct feedback.


KnoahsARK 360 Operations Score Card
KnoahsARK 360 TotalAssurance
KnoahsARK 360 QA
KnoahsARK360 Coaching
Data Connect
  • Gather information on every customer interaction and collect into a single database
  • KnoahsArk integrates numerous company systems into a single feedback source and unifies performance of different business software, locations, and company levels
  • Leads to discovery of what information is critical for customer satisfaction

  • Immediate access and complete visibility into contact center operations
  • Provides multi-layered insights for program, team and agent performance
  • Customizable dashboards and charts to drill down and determine the root cause of issues and opportunities for performance optimization

  • Gather information on every customer interaction and collect into a single database
  • KnoahsArk integrates numerous company systems into a single feedback source and unifies performance of different business software, locations, and company levels
  • Leads to discovery of what information is critical for customer satisfaction

  • Analytics module mapped to both voice and non-voice channels of CX
  • Offers a range of basic to advanced analytics to provide actionable insights
  • On-demand feature providing clients customized reports with actionable insights generated from various analytics

  • Encompasses corrective actions, outcome oriented actions, voice of customer process management, segmentation, opportunities, and behavior forecast
  • Real-time feedback and on-going (re)learning allows for Team Leaders to provide Agents on the spot and continuous training and coaching

  • On-demand module providing tailor made recommendations to program managers and clients
  • Involved proactive solutions, capacity planning, and customer journey process planning

AI enabled CX tool – Chat Helper

Chat Helper

Working with Augment, Knoah found a technology partner committed to building a better learning engine, one that harnesses the information-absorbing capacity of AI and combines it with the human ability to connect with customers on a personal level.

A dynamic knowledge base was developed with use cases from past chat transcripts and workflows, with emphasis on the machine learning component for a self-correcting, almost intuitive, system with increasingly predictive value. ChatHelper was then engineered to seamlessly work in the chat environment, to provide real-time answers, and to train AI to continually expands the capacity to anticipate future questions so agents are ahead of the customer expectation curve. This addresses several customer pain points:

  • Providing real time reliable information, and having it at our agents’ fingertips
  • Keeping a real person at the center of the conversation instead of an automated menu
  • Increasing agent capacity, helping more customers in less time
  • Experiencing a higher quality of support with minimal waiting
ChatHelper uses AI to create the ‘helper’ model so the live agent and knowledge base function as a single organism. This allows agents to engage in multiple chats simultaneously and be confident about the information given to each customer. 

The ‘training’ for ChatHelper involves transcripts that were entered into the knowledge base. That process is augmented by links to articles and other information sources to make AI recommendations to agents even more effective.

Chat Analytics

Our long-standing experience in delivering customer service through chat has helped us in building the Knoah Chat Analytics Platform.
Our operations teams and clients can now gain insight into customer behavior, customer satisfaction, and agent behavior and agent performance. You can view trends, identify opportunities, potential issues, and the root cause of customer perceptions through the text analysis of the entire population of chat interactions so that you can take corrective actions well within time.

Multi Layered Dashboard to Understand

  • Program-wide performance by sentiment, trend, CSAT, topic mining, chats by end of day, and agent quality control
  • Performance from the account, skill, and agent perspectives


We take a proactive view of technology, recognizing that a robust technology infrastructure is key to delivering world-class, 24/7 customer support.
Automated Call Distributions (ACDs)/Dialers/Advanced Interactive Response (IVRs):

Advanced system and practices to handle multiple skills and channels including geo-routing. Integrations ready for any platform – Asterisk, Cisco, Avaya, ViciDial, and others

Computer Telephony Integration (CTI):

ACD and dialer integration to deliver customer history to agent’s desktop or CRM tool

Customer Relationship Management(CRM)/Call Center Servicing Systems:

Integrated and fully/semi-managed CRM tools for customer transaction history details, leading to customer delight

Campaign Management

Sophisticated and flexible CMS to allow agents to record how each customer has responded to a given campaign. Custom interfaces and database components based on client requirements.

Call recording systems

Inbound or outbound transactions capture for integration with quality measures and advance analytics reports. We capture all interaction types, not just calls

Workforce Management Systems (WMS):

Volume forecast of calls or other interaction types and optimization of agent productivity and efficiency

Quality Management Systems (QMS):

QMS platform to give management insight into agent performance during transactions


Our information security program defines policies and controls across all entities and ensures they are in compliance with an ISO 27001:2013 control framework; undergoing various audits throughout the year to confirm continued alignment with controls established.

Audits are conducted by

  • External Security Audit Firms 
  • Various Clients/Partners 
  • Knoah’s Internal security Team

Knoah’s industry certifications and compliance practices include

  • ISO 27001:2013 
  • Payment Card Industry (PCI) 3.2 

General Security

  • Resources on client’s environment
  • Access controls on system
  • Log retention
  • Periodic Security Refreshers & audits
  • Printers & Shredders

Network Security

  • Logically/Physically segregated Networks
  • No wireless access points
  • Restricted internet, e-mail & VPN access

Physical Security

  • CCTV Cameras
  • Electronic card key with Badge
  • Auditable logs
  • Restricted Entry
  • Physically segregated work space

Center of Excellence (CoE)

The Center of Excellence (CoE) is a group of Knoah associates who watch over our adherence to OneKnoah ideals as it applies to processes and standard operating procedures (SOPs) in our contact centers. The CoE is involved right from the initial ramp of a program to ensure that best practices are internalized from the beginning of a client journey within Knoah. They create monthly reports on the level of implementation and the organization-wide focus on our processes.
The Knoah CoE ensures that we achieve OneKnoah. By aligning all our operational and human resources best practices, the CoE enables us all to provide a consistent experience to our clients. From an implementation perspective, our focus remains on the uniform implementation of processes and practices, to help and guide the team during the launch of a new program. CoE helps us to speak the same language, take the same measurements, and use the same approach to enhance collaboration and coordination. This is the basis of the OneKnoah experience we to give our clients.
  • Measuring and improving processes across locations to ensure OneKnoah principles
  • Using consistent performance measurement metrics to keep programs operating at high levels of quality.
  • Training coaches and regional leaders in the OneKnoah Experience
  • Sharing data through effective analytics tools, which has proven to give our employees at all levels fast and effective decision-making power


Flexibility is key differentiator in Knoah’s approach to supporting our clients.

We have clients with ten to hundreds of agents supporting programs with a single focus in one service area to multiple service areas across multiple locations and vendors.  All of them receive the benefit of our flexible management approach. This flexibility extends to our ability to successfully support different delivery models regardless of client size.

At Home: Our Knoah@Home provides flexibility to partners and team members. This allows you to scale your customer care programs quickly, creating additional business continuity especially in grim times.

Knoah has enabled Knoah@Home for almost 3000 employees in less than 15 days with the help of our dedicated teams and supportive agents. This was done keeping in mind the following points:

  • Remote working policies, security protocols and Identity and Access Management (IAM) Solutions
  • Review workforce to mitigate risk
  • Ensuring required bandwidth
  • Regular coaching sessions
  • Recognition sessions held to keep the motivation going
Turnkey Delivery:

Knoah’s comprehensive infrastructure and access to a wide range of CRM and knowledge management software products enables us to deliver end-to-end solutions to you. We can take care of provisioning Telco circuits, setting up IVR trees, procuring and configuring CRM software, and providing any custom application integration or reporting work that would be required to support any of your needs, and can be delivered within a single service or across multiple services as required.

    Multi-Vendor Delivery:

    Knoah can be a tremendous asset for you if you use a multi-vendor strategy. We are a provider that produces outstanding results and are often the benchmark that drives the other partners to achieve improved performance overall. Our flexibility, openness and proactive management style enable us to support experimental efforts and changes in requirements that larger partners avoid due to contractual issues or rigid management approaches. We love to compete, and thrive in an environment where high performance drives opportunities for growth.

      Blended Delivery:

      If you’re looking for a delivery model that ensures an optimal mix of cost savings, knowledge preservation and escalation support, consider using a blended delivery model. This approach allows you to allocate a portion of your customer engagement business to Knoah, while you retain the other portion within your in-house team. To ensure a successful integration of service delivery, we make KnoahsARK 360 available to your team to help create a comprehensive view of your entire operation. We can configure our voice environment to accept a portion of calls as dictated by the client’s IVR or we can host the IVR and distribute calls back to your in-house team, similar to the turnkey approach

      Multi-Language Delivery:

      Knoah provides competitive pricing for European language support including: Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese and Dutch. This work is accomplished through our own onshore, offshore and nearshore locations as well as a partnering relationship with a multi-language firm with a similar customer support experience and philosophy to Knoah’s. We are able to link call handling through our U.S.-based VOIP platform and record/monitor and evaluate the calls handled through KnoahsARK.

      RightENGAGE Framework

      Knoah provides flexible, innovative and creative solutions to meet your needs and your customers’ expectations.

      Whether it’s through voice, chat, email or social media, our RightENGAGE framework allows you to tailor the right blend of channels with the right people, right processes, right technology and right delivery locations to engage with your customers at a price point that fits your KPI goals and budgetary requirements.

      Right People

      Our people are the passionate, innovative, problem-solvers committed to the success of your customer interactions

      Right Technology

      We invest in our own technology innovations, third party tools and security certifications to deliver on and enhance your customers’ experience

      Right Processes

      We have developed proven methodologies that have matured over time to deliver on our clients’ and their customers’ expectations

      Right Channels

      Whether it’s through voice, chat, email or social media, we tailor the right channel or channels to engage with your customers

      Right Locations

      Our right shoring model allows us to customize your solution by offering your customers around the clock support, highly trained staff and multilingual support at lower costs
      We’re not just a vendor for outsourcing services – we’re a committed partner. We believe the best way to make our clients happy is to tailor our services around their unique business and needs, and provide them with the solutions that quickly deliver exceptional results. While many BPO providers say “no way” to flexible, dynamic partnerships, we contrast that with the “Knoah way”. We make it a point to be easy to do business with not just at the beginning of the relationship but years down the road.


      Business Process Expertise / Discovery

      We will constantly try to exceed your expectations, but we can’t do that without your goals and objectives on how you believe your care center should operate. Our partnership starts with an open exchange at all levels: Hiring, Training, Scheduling, Technology, Reporting and Floor Operations. At this meeting, your team states what they want and need from our team. Knoah takes the opportunity to get an in-depth understanding of your culture, vision, objectives and requirements, and build a detailed initial plan around them.

      Solution Aligned to VOC & VOB

      We will not only align a solution to meet the needs of your customers, we will also design a strategy to meet the needs of your business over the longer term. Our initial consultation meetings lead to software, outsourcing and training solutions designed specifically for your program. We help you to define, map and analyze your organization’s existing business processes, allowing us to identify areas of need and improvement. We then outline a plan that takes into consideration the right processes and the right blend of channels to enhance your customers’ experience. Many of our engagements start with pilots that help us jointly develop a concrete approach to a new channel or delivery model with low risk before proving out ROI and moving to a larger production model.

      Cost Benefit Models

      Once we work with you to define the right approach to the services based on your requirements, we can then create cost/benefit models based on your available resources and deliver proof of concept results through every step of service so you know what you’re paying for. Knoah Solutions’ wide range of outsourcing services combined with the flexibility of choosing onshore, offshore, nearshore or a combination of locations provides a powerful and flexible value proposition to our clients.

      Our right shoring model allows us to customize your solution by offering your customers around the clock support, highly trained staff and multilingual support at lower costs, allowing us to scale our capabilities as your needs change.

      Production Deployment Plan

      Leading up to the implementation of your program, Knoah will outline all operational areas through a detailed project plan to seamlessly launch your program. We can handle everything in a turnkey approach including all telco and tools infrastructure or integrate with your existing architecture in a seamless manner. We work closely with your functional area staff (training, IT, Operations, etc.) to create the plan and work to minimize the stress and risk of getting the program off the ground.

      Operational Ramp & Optimization

      Our expertise, professional operations management team, analysts and training coaches discover where operations can be streamlined and improved. We look at everything from staffing, training, knowledge bases, and customer feedback to make recommendations and adjustments to the service delivery process. Our state-of-the-art QA process and coaching methodology ensure that agents are given targeted plans for improvement and are monitored to ensure progress is made. Our solutions are flexible and scalable, so we reduce the time it takes to implement updates and operational changes due to seasonal changes, new product launches or other business needs

      Measurement, Reporting & Analysis

      Knoah’s attention to quality is second to none. The advanced analytics solutions used by our agents through our proprietary software, KnoahsARK 360, allows our team to continuously and consistently monitor and measure the effectiveness of your program. We are able to effectively leverage cutting edge technologies like speech and text analytics along with the latest dynamic reporting interfaces to provide actionable insight into your support processes so they can be improved over time and drive better customer satisfaction and loyalty.

      Proactive / Tactical Enhancement

      Knoah prides itself on being responsive and adaptive to client-driven business needs while at the same time proactively working with you to evolve more effective processes and systems through internal analysis. It is our strategy to proactively keep an eye on our processes, provide observations, and create new ideas and solutions for further improvement that deliver higher performance. Specifically, we provide enhancements to training materials, add and modify knowledge base content, provide detailed, actionable feedback on dissatisfied customer surveys and adjust queuing and transfer processes to help the customer get to the right agent the first time so their problem gets solved the first time.

      Strategic Business Calibration

      We believe strongly in building a partnership that maximizes communication. Through weekly, monthly and quarterly business reviews, we are able to sync our program goals to your business and customer needs. Our strategic feedback has helped our clients recognize competitive product deficiencies that have allowed them to improve those products, thus driving future business.